5 tips for a successful Exhibition

5 tips for a successful Exhibition

“Design an exhibition stand, spread brand awareness and attract new leads” is the motto of every exhibitor. To help you understand the basics of planning and designing the stand, here are 5 tips worth considering.

  1. Focusing on creating remarkable entrances:

Elegant and brand specific entrances for these exhibition stand design deliver a better user experience. Eg: Digital touch points at the entrances will ensure higher lead generation; bright lights will make your exhibition stand more attractive by highlighting the colors used.

  1. Space Management:

Smart utilization of exhibition space will make your exhibition booth stand out from the rest of the exhibitors. If your exhibition stand is small, then you might want to curtain the number of exhibits in that stall. The focus must be on having an exhibit that has enough space to move around.

  1. Engaging your visitors at the stand:

Once you have managed to attract visitors in the stand, your next target is to engage them. This can be done using these 4 tips:

  • Offering refreshments: Offering water or chocolates works well as it gives the staff some more time to interact.
  • Having well trained staff: If the staff is well trained, professional in his/her approach and well spoken, it is very difficult for a stand attendee to leave the conversation mid-way.
  • Uploading live event updates: Another way to generate curiosity is to be a part of online live promotions. Uploading live photos of the events or going live on social media platforms does wonders for brand’s online marketing.
  • Merchandising: Customized branded diaries or pens or any stationary will attract more visitors. Merchandising encourages brand recalling among the visitors.
  1. Knowing your competition:

Before narrowing down your final plan ask your organizers for the list of confirmed exhibitors and see who your floor neighbors are. See their past stands and analyze how different you can be.

  1. Using Technology:

Any innovative eye catching technology in any exhibition can work positively for your brand. Exhibition designer are now incorporating iPad/ video wall, interactive tablets or screens, 3D hologram systems and virtual reality to make the customer experience stand out.

 On reading the tips above, we can easily infer that hiring an experienced and professional design agency, which specializes in exhibitions, is a must.

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