General Rules & Regulations

  • Cooking and eating of Non-vegetarian food in the Bhawan is totally prohibited. Gambling/Alcohol/ any intoxicating materials (drugs etc.) is also completely prohibited. Any violation will make liable for police action and the Trust will not be responsible for the same.
  • Use of tobacco/spitting and smoking in the Bhawan premises is totally prohibited. Beetle stalls will not be allowed. Any Violation will make liable for penalty and such other deterrent administrative action.
  • Use of sound system/DJ in the halls will only be permitted up to 10 PM only with prior permission of the Government/Police administration. The permission letter will have to be handed over compulsorily at the time of taking possession of the facilities. 
  • Always ask for the booking receipt while booking the facilities. It is necessary to show the advance booking receipt at the time of taking possession. 
  • Booking party to check all the items supplied by Bhawan for its all OK and completeness. Any theft/ damage caused will be liable to be recovered from the party. Booking Parties to take care of their own belongings and the Bhawan Administration will not be responsible for any loss what so ever. 
  • The Trust reserves the right to revise the rent and other charges and the users will have to accept it. This is also applicable for advance booking.
  • The possession of the facilities will be given to only those persons in whose name, it has been booked. Any booking in false names/identity will be canceled and the advance deposited too will not be refunded.
  • Requisite Govt permissions if any, party to prior obtain the same.
  • Guests are expected to maintain a decent behavior. No misbehavior with Bhawan staff/employee. Any misbehavior by Bhawan Staff to be reported to the GM/Bhawan Administration.  
  • Eating in rooms, galleries and any other undesignated place/sofas are totally prohibited. 
  • Use of bands and drums in the Bhawan premises is strictly prohibited. However, it is permitted in closed Halls to fulfill certain rituals.
  • Any suggestion or complaint pertaining to the administration of the Bhawan may please be communicated to the office bearers either orally or in writing.
  • The billing refund amount will be returned by cheque in the same name under which the booking was done.
  • The Bhawan Administration will not be responsible for any utility technical faults such as A.C, lamps, fans, lift, gas, geyser, water cooler etc. However, the administration will make immediate attempts to get them in order as early as possible but the party cannot force for the same.

Note: – Once Booking is done online, Bhawan Booking Rules in Detail will be sent to the party through email. If a booking is done physically in the office detail rules will be provided thereon.

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